Search Engine Result Positions (SERP) Monitor Service

Welcome to SERP Watchdog - World's leading SERP monitoring service.

Here at, we help webmasters and digital marketers to monitor the performance of their keyword rankings on US,, and - daily.

How We Help

  • Search engine rankings dictate how much "organic search" traffic you will receive to your website. It is important to know where your website stands through the keywords your website ranks for, and it is also necessary to know how your website is trending through regular checkups. And this is where we come in - we can help you monitor the keywords that you wish to track the rankings for, daily.
  • The ability to see historic rankings on your website keywords is essential to measure the performance of your digital marketing efforts. Certain digital marketing strategies (e.g. SEO) don't yield results right away. The keyword ranking reports can help you visualize the effectiveness of your digital marketing campaigns.

Our Technology

  • Accurate SERP checker to check for ranking data in the United States.
  • Track keyword rankings on all of the 3 major search engines -,, and
  • We help you make informed decisions. Generate historic keyword ranking reports - analyze and understand how your keywords perform.
  • Add notes to your keywords to keep track of your digital marketing efforts.
  • Export your keyword rankings data to CSV files for download.

Pricing Model

  • 100% Risk Free Trial - Free 300 credits on sign up (each keyword uses 3 credits a day)
  • For every $1 USD you get 300 credits ($1 allows you to monitor 10 keywords for a full month!)
  • Pay As You Go - No monthly fees

Free Trial - No Deposit Required

Seeing is Believing.

When you sign up for a free account, your first 300 credits are on us - FREE. We won't ask for your credit card or require you to make a deposit. 100% Risk Free!

Every webmaster needs to know where his/her website stands from organic search perspective.

How It Works

Step 1. - Sign up for a free account

Step 2. - Add your domain

Step 3. - Add the keywords you want to track to your domain

That's it! Our system will begin checking the rankings of your keywords every single day. You will be able to pull/download ranking reports once when the data is in.